About Us

In 2011, Jaymie Leigh Thomas took a leap of faith and signed on to teach a community education yoga class for the local community college.

Seven years later, Peace of Mine Yoga Studio is a thriving studio located in downtown Morrilton offering a weekly schedule of classes taught by a team of dedicated instructors.

Meet Your Instructors

Jaymie Leigh Headshot

Jaymie Leigh Thomas

Jaymie Leigh is a speech language pathologist and a yoga instructor.  She is certified to teach yoga, yoga for kids, and barre.

She says, “The very first time I took a yoga class I remember driving home and thinking, I want to feel like this all the time!” She fell in love instantly. After a few years of practicing she decided to train as an instructor.  She chose Yogafit because it was what she connected to the most at the time and the training is easily adaptable to all levels.

Jaymie Leigh has been married for 5 years to Spencer and they have two boys, Harper and Finn.  She is inspired by music and each of her classes has a new unique playlist.  She enjoys teaching yoga for the many benefits that she knows her mind and body are receiving.  The more she practices the more she grows.

Rachel Rohlman Headshot

Rachel Rohlman

Rachel is a speech-language pathologist and is certified to teach yoga and barre.

She decided to become an instructor after taking classes for several years and experiencing benefits like decreased back pain, increased breath support for running, and increased flexibility.  She wanted to get certified to help show others how yoga can help them.

Rachel is married to Brian and they have two daughters, Olivia and Lucy.  She enjoys traveling, reading, running, and of course yoga.

Tiffany Landon Headshot

Tiffany Landon

Tiffany is a bookkeeper at Morrilton Intermediate School and a yoga instructor.

Tiffany is passionate about yoga and meditation.  After practicing at the studio and experiencing the benefits to her mental and physical wellness she wanted to share her passion with others.

Tiffany is married to Jeremy and they have two boys, Will and Jack.  She enjoys cooking, flower gardening and spending time with her boys.

Jessie Brandon Headshot

Jessie Brandon

Jessie is a stay at home mom and a yoga instructor.  She is certified to teach yoga and PiYo Live.

Jessie says, “I am PASSIONATE about SANITY! It is why I do yoga every day, and my PiYo practice is a huge part of that. My quest for sanity lead me on a journey to my passion and has opened and blessed my life, affording me the opportunity to share that journey and some sanity searching tools with others. Come, let us journey together on a quest for sanity.”

Jessie has been a certified PiYo Live instructor for two years and a beginner yoga instructor for one year. She recently obtained her 200 hour National Yoga Alliance Certification.

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